Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ho hum . . . planetary disaster speeding up ... What's LeBron doing today?

Retreating glacierImage by wildoceans via Flickr

Excellent Kristof column today.

More proof here. If only proof mattered to the denialists, the confusionists, and the oblivious who are condemning the people of the future to a greatly diminished life.

If you see M. Lee Pelton (President of Willamette University and board member of PGE, owner of the biggest polluting facility in Oregon, the Boardman coal plant) at the Art Fair, ask him if he's read Kristof's piece and how that might relate to Boardman.

UPDATE: By the way, for those who are fond of eating regularly, welcome to the future of crop failures caused by intense heat:
A blistering heat wave has made life miserable for millions in Russia and northeastern Europe, few of whom have air conditioners, and destroyed millions of acres of Russian wheat, setting back an agricultural revival that was just reaching its stride after years of faltering efforts.

The heat has been besting decades-old records here. At 92.5 degrees Fahrenheit, Friday was the hottest July 16 ever in Moscow, topping the record set in the summer of 1938. It was even hotter on Saturday, at 95, though not a record, and temperatures were expected to remain in that range for the rest of the week.

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