Friday, August 6, 2010

Word: Headline of the Century

We fight for the oil we need to fight for the oil.

Scam Warning: Robocalls from "ALS"

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Some idiot just directed a robocall to LOVESalem HQ, apparently unaware that here abides someone who likes nothing better than fighting back against consumer scammers like this one.

If you get any robocall solicitations -- like the one just received here from "Dave at ALS," at 888-712-4668 then you should go here to make a complaint. When you get the call, note the time, any name given (of the company or the caller) and especially any phone number they offer you.

These calls are illegal, and usually are the hallmark of a scam . . . this one promised me the opportunity to have my overdue taxes reduced (although I don't have any overdue taxes).

As times get hard, these roaches will come out of the woodwork, preying on people in dire straits and promising to get their debts adjusted. DON'T FALL FOR IT. As you can see from the message boards here, this company is nothing but a scam.
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