Monday, August 23, 2010

Sharrows: The inferior non-solution

Cycle-tracks -- putting bikes at the curb, protected from traffic by parked cars -- are much better. Why should bikes be put between the cars moving at speed and doors flying open on the drivers' side of parked cars?

Sharrows are a sham solution for bike lanes

These faux-lanes for bikes are ambiguous and do little more than enable politicians to claim more bike miles. Here's a better solution.

Worth your time: How the Criminal Justice Systems Gets it Wrong, Again and Again

Justice and Divine Vengeance pursuing Crime. O...Image via WikipediaLeave aside the human toll if you like -- the lost decades stolen from innocent people, the fact that the real perpetrator is hidden behind the perfect shield (the fact that someone else has already been convicted of the crime) -- and just focus on the staggering fiscal costs to Oregon caused by imprisoning people for serious crimes that they didn't do.

As the layoffs roll out through Salem, one might ask: are we spending enough on making sure we're not spending way-too-much on incarceration of innocent people?
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Highways near Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA).Image via WikipediaA perfect description of our ongoing highway-building folly:
Everywhere along the route, shovel-ready highway improvement projects from the late stimulus crusade were now underway, and you wondered exactly what kind of future they were intended to serve -- or was it all a kind of weird national potlatch ceremony in which we were literally throwing away our wealth to memorialize what seemed normal the day before yesterday and never will be again.
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