Wednesday, September 8, 2010

LOVESalem's Shameless Commerce Division momentarily seizes blog

The cute little hot tub that formerly resided at LOVESalem HQ has gone to a better place -- but it left a big box full of chemical potions and accessories. LOVESalem's Shameless Commerce Division urges you to let anyone you know who has a hot tub or spa about this Craigslist ad.
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Understanding your audience

Cover of "At Least Our Bombs Are Getting ...Cover via AmazonA LOVESalem foreign (upstate NY) correspondent, a former public HS math and science teacher, read this cheerful item that I sent out. His comment speaks volumes about both his sly wit and the deep understanding of our national priorities that teachers perforce acquire these days:
I guess it's nice that someone stepped in to help, but I am shocked and depressed that it was necessary.

I mean, if we don't fund education, who's going to design the bombs of tomorrow?
If there was ever a phrase that should go on a bumper sticker, it's that one.
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By the way

Try this: Make a point to give blood on your birthday, to commemorate the gift of life by sharing and expanding it with others, and then just repeat that six times before your next birthday. You'll feel great, and tuck into your birthday supper feeling grateful for yet another reminder that, if you've got health, you're pretty darn well off. And remembering that is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Acting on it and sharing that gift with people with acute trauma or battling serious illness is one of the best gifts you can give everyone else.

(P.S. We're in a blood shortage now. So don't wait until your birthday if it's been more than 56 days since you last gave.)