Saturday, September 18, 2010

Most Fervent Unsolicited Plug yet: SunWize

Today we signed a deal with SunWize to put 4338 watts of solar panels on the south-facing roof here at LOVESalem HQ. Gross cost $5.48/watt; net installed cost after Energy Trust of Oregon rebates and federal and state tax credits = $1.29/watt, The (conservative) estimate is that the system will provide for 85% of our electric power on an annual basis. I actually expect better because 2009-10 usage included use of two powered devices that we're done with.

I called a bunch of SunWize customers to check them out and every single one really raved about SunWize and the performance they've attained on their systems. Given the upcoming budget issues at both the state and federal level making continuation of these incentives more doubtful every day, this would be a good time to look into solar if you've got the right spot -- contact Matthew Henderson (503.881.7346) and he'll come out and check out your solar resource potential and system possibilities with no pressure.