Saturday, April 23, 2011

Starts today on CCTV: See the Stand for Children forum for Salem-Keizer School Board Candidates

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Pssssssst, wanna know a secret?

There's a school board election coming up for Salem-Keizer schools.

Ballots will go out in about a week, with the count on May 17. Three seats are up.

One features an incumbent running uncontested (Chuck Lee, Zone 6). Another race is all-but-uncontested (Zone 4): Attorney Jim Green had an opponent file but that opponent -- who, in a fit of exuberance or indecision -- also filed for Cherriots board and the Chemeketa board at the same time, and has since decided to concentrate on the transit race.

That leaves just one actually contested race (Zone 2). It includes LOVESalem's chief cook and bottlewasher, the old guy.

There have been two taped forums for the candidates to answer questions. Watch both for yourself and make up your mind. Remember, the voting is district wide, so although the candidates have to live in a certain zone to run, every registered voter can help determine which of the two candidates in Zone 2 will be influencing educational policy for the next four years.

Tape of the Statesman-Journal interview is here. About an hour.

[corrected:] And local public access cable channel CCTV of Salem will put these on Channel 21 at the times below, but you can also stream the CCTV showing on your computer at the same times below by going here and looking for the LIVE streaming link.
[Channel 21] Salem-Keizer School Board Candidate Forum (90 min)
  • April 23rd, 2011 (Saturday) 11 am
  • April 24th, 2011 (Sunday) 5:30 pm and 8:30 pm
  • April 26th, 2011 (Tuesday 4 pm
  • April 30th, 2011 (Saturday) 4 pm
  • May 11th, 2011 (Wednesday 5 pm
  • May 12th, 2011 (Thursday) 6 pm
  • May 13th, 2011 (Friday) 4 pm
  • May 14th, 2011 (Saturday) 5 pm
  • May 16th, 2011 (Monday) 1 pm
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