Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pile on!! Let's all laugh at the idiots running Oak Park, Michigan

Gardening Is Not a Criminal Offense!Image by KGI.ORG via FlickrThe interwebs are all abuzz with the insanity in Oak Park, Michigan, where a pompous, self-important idiot has cited a woman for creating a tidy raised-bed garden in her front lawn.

I've lost count of how many places have blogged about the ticket heard (with charges eventually withdrawn) 'round the world.

And, let's face it, the best you can say about the guy is that he's totally clueless, and is likely to be forever famous for trying to impose his own personal suburban vision on the people paying his salary. What a maroon.

But, because pride goeth before a fall, it's best not to be too smug.

What about here in oh-so-sustainable Salem in trendy Green Oregon? We wouldn't have any laws that reflect nothing more than class bias and an attempt to enforce that same sort of suburban conformity, would we?
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