Saturday, January 8, 2011

A little Saturday Catitude

Here. One of our boys is feeling punky today, seems to be having a bad reaction to some vaccines yesterday.

What I don't understand is how Salem can struggle for years to cough up such a hairball of a henkeeping ordinance but then not have a policy in place to forbid anyone from keeping unsterilized dogs and cats without a breeding license.

It is pure and simple cruelty to keep an unsterilized pet, and it ought to be against the law. Anyone caught with an unsterilized pet without a breeder license should be sentenced to a year of weekends of community service at one of the many shelters where the victims of this callous disregard for common sense and compassion wind up being euthanized.

(And those are the lucky ones, who don't die as roadkill, coyote food, or of the many diseases that prey on domesticated animals gone feral.)