Sunday, April 3, 2011

Absurd expenditure of time & talent -- but totally awesome

Just unreal.
Homemade B-29 Bomber.

This is amazing...! The aircraft runs on four chainsaw engines. You can just imagine how much love, effort, skill, time and money these guys had to have to put into this project....!

The best part is that they launch a Bell X-1 rocket plane that it carries aloft with it.

"Starts" tomorrow (ho ho!): Get your starts at Pringle to benefit Leslie Middle School!

Click on the photo for the complete shot.

The Leslie Middle School gardening class will be selling plant starts all next week in the Pringle Creek Community greenhouse starting next Monday, April 4th from 10am to 12pm.

They are selling lettuce, cilantro, and other varieties.

Each 4" pot is only $.50 and contains several organic seed starts! All proceeds go toward their gardening classes and will help pay for raised beds at their school garden.

Please pass along this wonderful opportunity to support our local middle school gardening program!
Pringle Creek Community
3911 Village Center Dr SE, Salem, Oregon 97302
503-315-1055 office

Plan a visit on First Wednesday, April 6 and meet the new store manager

One Fair World, Salem's best shop for unique gifts, sadly said goodbye to past manager Linda Bruce and welcomed a new manager just the other day, a woman with deep retail experience who is well poised to continue and build on Linda's work to make this Salem treasure a thriving concern for years to come.

Retail's a tough business, especially in tough times, but One Fair World offers truly exceptional items, all certified fair-trade goods, which means that you not only get great goods for your money, but you can feel good about what your money is doing in the world.

Come meet the new manager, check out the expanded clearance area, enjoy a tasty treat, and get ready to greet spring at this wonderful shop.