Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Problem in a Nutshell

Gates's threats below are like the raging meth addict telling the clean and sober crowd that, if they don't get with the program and start doing a lot of meth soon, they're going to die of boredom or something.

Boy, talk about "American Exceptionalism," as in "refusal to recognize the reality that every great society in history that became musclebound and impoverished itself to support military empire crashed not long after." A smarter nation would look at the graph above and think "hmmmmm, maybe the many know something that the one doesn't."
Gates threatens America's allies
Jason Ditz, Anti War - Speaking in his final policy speech, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates blasted NATO, predicting a “dim if not dismal” future if the other member nations didn’t become dramatically more hawkish and commit more money and troops to its assorted conflicts.

The comments come after a public lashing earlier this week by Gates for a number of specific member nations, including Poland and Germany, for their lack of involvement in the illegal war against Libya. He also demanded that Spain, Turkey and the Netherlands start launching strikes on ground targets in the nation.

Gates warned if the other nations didn’t follow America’s lead in contributing more weapons, money and personnel to the alliance’s assorted wars, which by and large are simply America’s assorted wars, they risked “irrelevance.” For many of the nations, this irrelevance will seem not just the preferable choice, but the only choice.