Sunday, July 31, 2011

Citizens United: Final Nail in the Coffin of Democracy in America?

BellsImage by bionicteaching via FlickrCitizens United - Final Nail in the Coffin of Democratic Elections?

- a discussion hosted by the Election Integrity Caucus of the Democratic Party of Oregon -

Sunday, August 7th, 10 am - 11:15 am


Introduction to Election Integrity Caucus
  • Panel on Citizens United
  • Brief History of Corporate Personhood
  • Brief History of Campaign Finance Reform
  • "Citizens United" Supreme Court Decision
  • Problem in Elections Post-"Citizens United" / Examples from 2010 Mid-Term Elections
  • Strategies/Solutions/Action Items to Counter "Citizens United" Decision
  • Discussion with Attendees
LOCATION: Rex Putnam High School, 4950 SE Roethe Rd., Milwaukie, OR (Directions)
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