Saturday, August 13, 2011

WORD: A beacon of common sense from a LOVESalem foreign correspondent

White Shoal Light on Lake Michigan in August, ...Image via WikipediaOne of the legion of LOVESalem foreign correspondents corps sends this from the shores of Lake Michigan, with a message clear enough to be seen from sea to shining sea:
I have been following the childish behavior of the elected representatives in federal government for the past several weeks (months?). I am continually amazed at the partisanship displayed by allegedly mature adults who should have the welfare of THE ENTIRE COUNTRY uppermost in their minds.

I have to assume you were all raised in environments which stressed honesty, fairness, compassion and a concern for those among us who are less fortunate. You all know what the right thing to do regarding the current financial situation is. Why is it so hard to get to an equitable conclusion? To paraphrase General Schwarzkopf: everyone knows what is right, the hard part is doing what is right.

In our government, with its huge range of ideology, the goal should be consensus rather than partisanship and compromise. I believe there are some stumbling blocks in trying to reach this goal. First is thinking that consensus is a win-lose situation, rather than the win-win outcome it really is. Second, is that many of you (Congress) appear to say or do ANYTHING you think will assure your re-election. Third, and most important, in my view, is that a large number of members of the House and Senate have been stupid enough to sign tax, marriage, abortion and etc. pledges, proposed by a non-elected, outside party, who has no stake in the potential results of those pledges. It is VERY difficult to back away from the challenge of a pledge, which leaves no room for extenuating circumstances, and still save face.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the United States Congress, you are now up to your eyeballs in extenuating circumstances. It is time to pull up your big-boy, and big-girl, pants, put aside your plans for future employment, realize that YOU are "Washington," stop name calling and come to consensus. Who knows . . . maybe if you ALL opened your minds there might be a third solution out there that is better than the Republican or Democratic plans that have already been proposed. If you can't do this, I think there might be a third choice for representation in the foreseeable future.

Bob Eichelberger
Norton Shores, MI
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