Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Still underway on solar power (and a little ocd) :^)

9-21-11 Fall Equinox 3650 kWh produced since 12/11/10
Speaking of the solar system we had to put in to power the boys' heated blanket, we installed the solar system at LOVESalem HQ last fall and it started in operation just a few days before the Winter Solstice, as the sun was at its nadir.

So, in round numbers,

we had 0 kWh on the Winter Solstice of 10;
500 kWh on Spring Equinox of 11;
1950 kWh on the Summer Solstice of 11, and now, 3650 kWh on the Fall Equinox, just a few days ago.

My little reports prompted this comment from a true friend of mine:
"You are an absolute F----g freak.  Srsly, I am into this sh!t but you are way off the hook."
 If you would like to join me in feeling GREAT when you think about your energy use, you have some options:

SolarCity (a nice offering, including a $0 down plan)

Sunwize (our choice -- if you have them out to do a visit on your plance and you tell 'em I sent you, they'll give me $50 that we'll put towards one of the Salem causes or activities posted here). 

Solarize Salem -- a cool, local organized effort.