Saturday, November 19, 2011

Awesome idea - Opting Out of Junk Mail Just Got Way Easier

Now THAT'S a great gift for anyone who complains about the junk mail onslaught. 

Catalog Choice

Our New Product:
MailStop Envelope



Catalog Choice has a new, even easier way to opt out of unwanted mail. In response to member requests, we are introducing MailStop Envelope, a mail-in program for stopping unwanted junk mail.
With the postage-paid MailStop Envelope, you simply collect and send in opt-outs. Unwanted mail goes from your mailbox to your MailStop Envelope, without taking up your time or cluttering your desk. When you reach 15 opt-outs, drop your MailStop Envelope back in the mail and we'll take it from there. Since MailStop is part of Catalog Choice, you'll still be able to check the progress of your opt-out requests in your account.
MailStop Envelope
MailStop Envelopes are perfect for:
  • People who don't want to spend time entering individual opt-outs.
  • Helping elderly relatives or friends control the amount of unwanted mail they receive.
  • People who do not use or have a computer at home but want to save trees, reduce clutter and protect their privacy.
Learn more about MailStop Envelope - it might become your new way to opt-out of unwanted mail or a great gift for your family and friends.
Thank you for your ongoing support and participation.


Chuck Teller, Executive Director

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