Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fwd: How to file a junk mail complaint

Now that the Christmas machine is winding down and ready to be put away for another year or two, here's a good post-Christmas task: turn off the junk-mail deluge.

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How to File a Complaint



Chief Justice Berger's majority opinion in Rowan v. Post Office states "a mailer's right to communicate must stop at the mailbox of an unreceptive addressee."
While most companies heed Berger's advice and honor your first opt-out choice, some need to be told twice. We aim to make the process as easy as possible. Here is a quick reminder how to file a formal complaint through your Catalog Choice account if you are still receiving unwanted mail.

Already submitted an opt-out to that company?

The best place to start is on Your Choices page where we list all of your past requests. On this page, do a quick search to see if you've made an opt-out choice to the company for the same name and address.
If your request was made more than 90 days ago, click on the Details button and then File a Complaint. If it is less than 90 days old or it is a new name or address, select New Request.
How to file a complaint

Getting unwanted mail from a new company?

Select Find Companies from the red navigation bar, do a quick search for the company and submit your opt-out. If the company is not listed in our service, suggest it and our staff will do the research to add it.

Reward companies that respect your choice.

When you are scanning Your Choices, take a note of the brands that no longer send you mail, but you still like their products. Let's show them that respecting your opt-out choice is good for their brand by visiting their website to see what is new. We provide a link to the company website on the Details page.
Thanks for your ongoing participation and support. Together we are making a difference.


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