Saturday, December 31, 2011

A big Salem highlight for 2011: KMUZ Community Radio

Congratulations to the hearty and determined band of community-minded stalwarts who insisted, despite some pretty substantial evidence, that they could make a community radio station go here in "greater Salem."  Here are the heroes now:

KMUZ Board members, left to right, front row first: Karen McFarlane Holman (Chief Visionary and President), Dangerous Dave Hammock (Chief Cook, Bottlewasher, and Treasurer), Jeanine ("Sparkplug") Renne, Coy Alexander, Vicki Darden, Bill Smaldone, Melanie Zermer (Secretary), and Tim Patterson.  Superimposed on Coy’s T-shirt: Max Lindholm. Photo by Co Ho Graphics.

KMUZ's low-power license and Turner tower location means that it's not always reliably available at  88.5 fm throughout Salem, but it's easy and rewarding to pick it up anywhere in the world via webstreaming at