Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sign the Petition to Help Keep Bridgasaurus from Stomping Salem!

There's a petition against the Bridgasaurus that threatens to stomp treasured Salem neighborhoods, Wallace Marine Park, and our already-on-life-support transit system into oblivion!

The petition is to the governments that make up "SKATS" (the bureaucratic jargon for the Salem-Keizer Area Transportation Study -- that's the "metropolitan planning organization," the committee of local governments that allocates all the federal funding for transportation projects), especially to three of the most important local governments who sit on the SKATS board:  The City of Salem, Cherriots (Salem-Keizer Mass Transit District), and Salem-Keizer School District 24J.

By their own rules, the SKATS agencies only act with unanimous agreement, so the two local governments who have been most rocked by round after round of funding shortfalls, Cherriots and SK Schools, will be fertile ground and, we hope, receptive listeners for our message, which is that Salem can't afford to repeat the mistakes of the 1950s and 1960s, bulldozing neighborhoods and businesses to make room for extravagant and wasteful gigantic elevated freeways.
Let your voice be heard, sign the petition to Stop Bridgasaurus!  Just follow the link.

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