Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I walk around downtown near my office a lot.  For some reason, while on an errand today, I really saw something that I usually don't notice, which is how bad downtown looks because of all the trash strewn around.  Cigarette butts especially, but also cups, wrappers, you name it.  All throughout the core area.

Is there some special reason that the parking patrol guys and gals can't be given canvas sacks to collect trash with and little reach-extending grabbers so that they clean up downtown as they patrol for parking violators?

Salem police shoot, kill dog that bit officer

Let's see, where are we on getting the absurd annual fee for hen keeping abolished? If not, then we ought to have an ordinance that requires all canine owners to register their dogs with the city (and to spay/neuter them, or obtain a breeder permit) so that police can know exactly what animals they going to encounter at any address.