Saturday, March 3, 2012

Concert for Japan -- today, free, 2:30 pm @ Loucks Auditorium

Looking For Hope....
A concert to honor the victims of the disaster in Japan.

The Salem Public Library will host a musical concert featuring the traditional music of Japan. Performers include Masumi Timson and Noriko Dozono on koto, Larry Tyrrell on shakuhachi flute and Monmouth Taiko on drums. The concert is free, at Loucks Auditorium near the Salem Public Library, on Saturday, March 3rd, starting at 2:30 PM. There is general seating. Doors open at 2 PM.

This event will raise awareness of how Japanese citizens are dealing with the tragic disaster that occurred last year. Recovery after the earthquake, tsunami and radiation leak slowly continues. Residents near the Fukushima Power facility face a very uncertain future and need our support. Concerned performers with emotional ties to Japan have come together to honor the victims and offer hope through the sharing of traditional music.

The welcoming address will be given by the Honorable Takamichi Okabe, Consul General of Japan. After the intermission, there will be a short slide presentation by Kazue Suzuki, who will show images from a recent visit into areas affected by the disaster.

Items offered for sale include cd’s, t-shirts, origami earrings, etc. Monetary proceeds from the sales will be donated to the town of Minami-Souma City, to help with the relief efforts there.

Please come enjoy the music and help us to help others in Japan! 
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