Saturday, April 7, 2012

Think you have the right to vote?

Richard Nixon and his co-conspirator cronies decided to make the GOP, once the party of Lincoln, into the racist party, making Lyndon Johnson's prophecy that signing the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act would cost the Democrats the South for 40 years.

The GOP took up race baiting with a vengeance, and it continues unabated today, as the party relentlessly tries to fabricate "voter fraud" fears, while busily proving again and again that stealing elections and wholesale election fraud is the province of elected and appointed officials, not voters.

What's amazing is that so few people realize just how pervasive the GOP's war to limit voters has become. Faced with a choice of (a) admitting that its racist ideology and tactics dooms it to irrelevance or (b) declaring war on voting by the poor and people of color and trying a host of tactics to suppress registration and and prevent voting by the growing non-white plurality (soon to be a non-white majority), the GOP has gone all-in for (b).