Monday, July 16, 2012

A unique story about a unique Oregonian

GeerCrest Farm

Vesper Comes to Portland!

Sunday, July 29th at 7pm. Clinton Street Theater
Come join us for the Portland Premiere of Michael Turner's Epic Film on the Life of our Fourth Generation Farm Owner- and learn about the spark that created GeerCrest.
We are so excited to share Vesper's life with our community in Portland. The film is 90 minutes and suitable for all family members. $5 entry goes towards film showing and production costs. Read about the film and see a trailer here.

Vesper Comes to Bend!

Tuesday, July 31st at 6pm. Old St. Francis School
(McMenamin's History Pub)

Join us on the other side of the mountain as we travel to Bend to spread the word about Vesper. Call the farm if you are here in the valley and want to carpool to the show! For those of you in the area, we can't wait to join you for a special Vesper evening!

Vesper at the Coast!

Thursday, October 11, 2012 at 7pm.
Cannon Beach History Center

In the fall, we bring Vesper to all our friends at the coast, and all who want to catch the film again - you will want to see this movie more than once, trust us. Join us at this amazing history museum complete with the original Cannon Beach Cannon- sure to be an amazing evening of Oregon History.

Vesper at home- hers and yours!

Saturday, July 28th at 7pm. St. Edwards Church, Silverton
St. Edwards was Vesper's Church and the community wants to share her legacy with all who wish to enjoy the film in Vesper's hometown. Come down for the evening to see the film and share an evening with our farmers.

Any time you wish.... dvd of film available for purchase at the farm and at every screening, $10 each

Be There! Loucks Auditorium, Tuesday July 17, 6:30 pm

Photovoltaic systemPhotovoltaic system (Photo credit: Wikipedia)With the compressive economic contraction accelerating and financial prospects very uncertain from here out, NOW is the time to jump if you have good solar potential (unobstructed southern exposure is best) on your property.

Solar is a very smart investment here on the 45th parallel, and the competing options for your investment funds are looking pretty scary these days indeed. Sure, solar isn't a get-rich-quick scheme -- after all, it may take 7-10 years to get your money back. But that's an extremely safe, sure 10% - 7% return on investment that also does good for your community and planet at the same time. There are few if any such great investment options available to average folks these days.

If you haven't explored solar for your property yet, make time to go hear Rob talk tomorrow at Loucks Auditorium, next to the Salem Public Library on Liberty St.
Solarize Salem and Solarize Mid-Valley

Time to capture free energy from the sun during the third year of Solarize Salem. And this year it will be even more pocketbook-friendly because we’re bringing you the lowest install price in the country, again. You can join the sixty homeowners that have installed more than 186 kW of solar pv over the past two years, now for the low price of $4.15 per watt installed. Unable to buy? Learn about the 20-year SunRun lease program that requires a one-time payment that you can take as a tax credit.

Our first workshop occurs 6:30, Tuesday, July 17 at Loucks Auditorium, where we’ll hear about the benefits renewable energy and solar water heating from Energy Trust’s Rob DelMar. You’ll also have a chance to meet our contractors form Benton Electric and Sunlight Solar, who will be offering their services in our expanded service area that includes Marion, Polk, Yamhill, Benton and Linn counties.
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"Seeding Studies" -- more evidence that Big Pharma is a criminal enterprise

Imagine an industry with the morals of a sub-prime mortgage broker, the self-righteousness of Ted Haggard, the quiet good taste and class of Lady Gaga, and the restraint of Rush Limbaugh.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the American pharmaceutical industry.