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Help support transit in Salem -- Apply for the Cherriots Advisory Board

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Salem-Keizer Transit is creating a Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) consisting of community members representing a broad spectrum of transportation and community concerns. Ideally, the CAC will include a balanced membership including users of the system, students, business community members, and at-large community members.

The CAC's mission is to assist Salem-Keizer Transit and the Board of Directors by encouraging and promoting services, and transportation decisions that meet the needs of the Salem-Keizer community. The CAC will also help communicate the Transit District's mission and programs back to the community. The CAC accomplishes this mission by providing the Board of Directors and staff of Salem-Keizer Transit with input on matters that go before the Board of Directors. This may include providing comments on transportation plans, programs and studies, project funding priorities, transportation-related legislation, and community transportation concerns. The CAC also assists in publicizing transportation projects and plans to neighborhoods, business groups, student groups, and other stakeholders; while soliciting input for feedback to the Transit District.

Salem-Keizer Transit is in the process of accepting applications for the Citizen Advisory Committee. Applicants are required to fill out an application and submit it by August 31, 2012. Salem-Keizer Transit will then make recommendations for appointments to the committee to the Board of Directors, who makes the final decision. New members will be notified about the time and location of the meetings. Typical appointment to the committee will be a two-year term. For the inaugural appointments, half of the membership will be appointed for a one-year term of service. Once an application is received, it will remain active for two years. Your application will be considered for any openings, unless a letter is submitted withdrawing your candidacy.

Download the application from our website at or call 503.588.2424 for mailing options. The application can be submitted via fax to 503.566.3933 or via email at

Contact Info: Sadie Carney
Director of Community Relations

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