Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Drop what you're doing, call a sitter, change your plans, and go see this movie TONIGHT, last chance (9/6/12)

What an incredible shame -- this is an amazing, uplifting, wonderful, hysterically funny, serious movie . . . and so few people went to see it that the distributor asked for the print back so it could be taken to other places where more people would take a chance on a movie with subtitles. 

Salem Cinema shows yet again that it's far and away the premiere portal connecting Salem and the larger world out there, a Salem treasure with no equal. 

Treat yourself to a great movie in the setting it was meant to be seen in -- 
go see "The Intouchables" tonight, its last night in Salem. 

(It's a far, far better movie than Exotic Marigold Hotel, which is a decent film.  So if you liked that, don't miss this!)