Sunday, October 20, 2013

Grains growing again in Willamette Valley

A beautiful day in the Valley today, especially in Shedd, where the 2013 "Stock Your Pantry" event brought many local farmers together to sell direct to happy people like us, who took home a wonderful box of Fuji apples, 20# of terrific organic rolled oats from Greenwillow Grains, 5# of locally grown wild rice from Running Wild, and two giant blocks of the always-amazing and delicious cheese from Full Circle Creamery (nice story about them here).

We are still fully stocked up on wheat berries and flour, so we didn't need to buy anything from this fascinating farm family below, a nice lady and her husband, who was a professor of ecology and natural resources who retired from Rice University and returned to farm on 12 lovely acres in Albany.  We're eager to try their stuff as soon as we next need flour.  Note their great vision for their small holding:  To participate in the 21st-Century reinvention of small-scale agriculture, building on the perspective (and limitations) of our age and experience to create a sustainable subsistence farm.