Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Internet freedom under corporate assault again

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The problem with talking about "corporate corruption" is that it's like accusing a skunk or an outhouse of having a bad smell -- corporations aren't corrupt or non-corrupt, they're just being corporations.

Corporations aren't people, they're inhuman machines that are designed for one and one thing only: seeking and grabbing more profits. 

They're like sharks, which are designed for one and one thing only, finding and consuming prey.

Like sharks, corporations are efficient and relentless. They're fine in their place -- but that place is NOT in policy making roles, because their amoral nature means that the only thing they can see or think about is more profits.

Corporations cannot recognize values of fairness and access any more than a shark can recognize the value of a great painting.

Take action, before the telecomm sharks eat us alive.