Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cylvia Hayes: John Kitzhaber wounded, but probably will win | [feedly]

The one thing that can be said positive about Cylvia's world-class stupid in 1997, and her galactic-class stupidity in not disclosing it herself before becoming serious with Kitz is this:

Isn't it a refreshing to see someone's criminal blunder be motivated by a charitable impulse -- the desire to help another flesh and blood person out -- for a change?  

Sure she got paid a bit ($5k) but there's no way she would have done it if it wasn't a crime that appeared to have no victim anywhere. The primary motivation was clearly helping someone out of a real jam.

There will be lots of attack dogs snarling around her to try to take a bite out of her fiancé, but nearly every one will be people who are all too happy to make excuses for crimes committed in the name of greed by the likes of corporations and rich crooks like the Koch brothers.

She needs to break the engagement and withdraw from any public contracts, and figure out how to atone for her criminal conduct. But trying to slam Kitz for her stupidity is going too far by a mile.

Cylvia Hayes: John Kitzhaber wounded, but probably will win |
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