Wednesday, October 22, 2014

YES on 92!: corporate phood lobby threats, Science magazine cowardice, truthful ad refused

"Let's live on the planet as if we intend to stay."

Yes on 92

This month, our friends at Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps are running a full page advertorial (PDF) by company president David Bronner about the skyrocketing use of pesticides on GMO crops. The full-page ad will appear in The New Yorker, Scientific American, Harpers, Harvard, The Nation, Mother Jones, The Progressive, and Thrive

But one place you won't be seeing the ad is in Science magazine. Why? A Science magazine representative stated: "This has gone up the ladder quite far and our CEO along with the board have come back saying that we cannot accept the ad. We're concerned about backlash from our members and potentially getting into a battle with the GMO industry."


We've known for some time that journalists covering genetic engineering are all too happy to write pro-GMO puff pieces that give cover to the chemical industry while ignoring the damage that pesticide tolerance is doing to our health and the environment – but this is a new low.

Add your name: Tell Science to stop carrying water for the chemical industry and run David Bronner's ad about GMOs!

It's outrageous! Instead of allowing their readers to see valuable information about the impact that genetically engineered crops – and the massive doses of toxic pesticide that come with them – Science continues to provide cover to big chemical companies at the expense of consumers and our environment.

Add your name to help us fight back:

Tell Science magazine: Stop doing the chemical industry's bidding and run David Bronner's ad!

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