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Reminder: Transportation in the Next American City TOMORROW

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From: Strong Towns <>
Subject: Reminder: Transportation in the Next American City TOMORROW

Strong Towns

Strong Towns

Tomorrow, November 25 is our next Strong Towns webinar. As you may have seen over social media and the blog, we have a new presentation and initiative called Transportation in the Next American City. It has been in beta test over the last two months and now we want your feedback. See the overview description below. We will start at 12:00 PM Central Time. To participate, simply log in to the Webinar portal on the member site.

Transportation in the Next American City

When: 12PM Central Time - November 25

Where: Click here to login

You must be a member to attend so, if you haven't signed up, now is a great time. We are chipping away at our goal of 324 more members by the end of the year - we're down to just 248 left. Join today and help us while getting a little something in the return.

Can't make it Tuesday? We'll be recording it and making that available on the Strong Towns Membership platform at after the webinar. Visit the webinar portal page via the link in the right sidebar.


Overview: For more than six decades, local governments have been accustomed to building new transportation infrastructure, expanding existing systems in addition to constructing completely new facilities. While liabilities have grown, transportation funding has not kept up. Now there is a desperate need for local governments to shift from building to maintaining, from an approach that emphasizes expansion to one where we mature our use of existing investments. In difficult economic times, this is a scary, but necessary, realignment.

Topics Covered: 

  • A brief history of how we arrived at the current set of problems, particularly how centralization and an abundance of funding created short-term efficiencies but has stifled the development of alternative approaches.
  • Identification of the reasons why local governments find themselves stuck in the current paradigm and strategies for overcoming these obstacles.
  • The important difference between a road and a street and how to get the most out of each.
  • How to productively respond to congestion and safety problems within an urban environment.
  • The role of state and federal funding in local transportation decisions. How to get the most out of these funding sources without compromising the financial health of the community.
  • Dealing with resistance to change from public safety and maintenance staff.
  • The role of transit in creating a balanced portfolio of transportation options.

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