Sunday, December 7, 2014

My year without Amazon

My year without Amazon

One of two Seattle Giants to shun, the other being Starbucks, which has gotten in bed with Monsanto to fight against honest food labeling. Amazon and Starbucks together are the dynamic duo of corporatized community destruction.

Every place in America -- including truck stops in the absolute middle of nowhere -- offer great coffee these days, and Amazon only offers low prices and "free" shipping by stealing from you by not paying fair wages to workers and by avoiding taxes, both of which cause the rest of us to pay more for everything.  

Support your local book shops and, if you can't find a book there near you, choose, a great Oregon institution, a union bookstore.

Neil Young starts Starbucks boycott over GMO suit

Rolling Stone - Neil Young is seeking a new source for his daily latte. The rocker announced on his website this week that he's boycotting Starbucks over the coffee company's involvement in a lawsuit against the state of Vermont's new requirements to label genetically modified ingredients.

"I used to line up and get my latte everyday, but yesterday was my last one," Young wrote. "Starbucks has teamed up with Monsanto to sue Vermont, and stop accurate food labeling."

Vermont passed a law last spring that requires all food products containing GMOs to be labeled as such by July 1, 2016, with the exception of dairy products, meat, alcohol and food served in restaurants. Shortly afterward, four food industry organizations filed a lawsuit against the state that challenged the law's constitutionality...

"Monsanto might not care what we think -- but as a public-facing company, Starbucks does," Young wrote. "If we can generate enough attention, we can push Starbucks to withdraw its support for the lawsuit, and then pressure other companies to do the same."

"Considering that Starbucks has been progressive on LGBT and labor issues in the past, it's disappointing that it is working with the biggest villain of them all, Monsanto," he continued.

"There's much more at stake here than just whether GMO foods will be labeled in a single U.S. state. Vermont is the very first state in the U.S. to require labeling. Dozens of other states have said that they will follow this path -- in order to encourage this, we need to ensure that Vermont's law stands strong."

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"Let's live on the planet as if we intend to stay."

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