Friday, January 3, 2014

Gardeners Wanted II: Yardsharers wanted to garden at LoveSalem HQ

Due to some significant upcoming (positive) changes around here, there's going to be a lot of unused garden beds going to waste here at LoveSalem HQ this year if we don't get resourceful and figure out how to help someone who needs garden space help us by gardening our excess garden space!

Our humble abode, LoveSalem HQ, has over 300 square feet of deep raised beds that have only been gardened organically for the past 5.5 years; there is an underground irrigation system that supplies water to drip irrigation hoses. There is a full-size greenhouse that could support a much larger operation. We have all the tools you could need.  The only thing we're going to lack is the time to keep all these beds busy and productive.

So if you're a small gardener who has always wanted to garden more, or if you're a market gardener who wants some more beds for specialty crops, or if you're a family who needs low-cost garden area, check our Craigslist post and send us info about you so we can arrange to talk.

Gardeners Wanted I: New Community Garden Leadership Team Meeting

Marion-Polk Food Share is helping coordinate launch of a new, as-yet-unnamed community garden in Northeast Salem, not too far from the Safeway at Center St.

The plan is to convert a small abandoned lot on which a house burned down some years ago and where the newer zoning laws make rebuilding difficult or impossible.  The landowner is eager to see a garden go in and has offered use of the property for essentially nothing.

Best of all, there is water already available to the lot, it's graded flat, and it gets abundant sunshine!  The local neighborhood association (Northeast Neighbors) is enthusiastic, and MPFS is trying to organize other groups as well, to ensure that there is a solid core of supporters to help keep the project going smoothly.

If you want to get in on the ground floor -- to plant the first seeds, if you will -- and help bring about this small bit of rejuvenation in the city, some to the Straub Environmental Learning Center this coming Thursday, January 9, at 5:30 p.m.  Come join with your neighbors in doing well by doing good.  Map showing SELC (marked with the big red A) below.  The garden spot is also somewhere on the map too -- want to know where?  Come and help Thursday night!