Sunday, January 19, 2014


Why doesn't the post office sell "forever" second-ounce stamps for first-class letters?

Likewise, why no forever stamp for postcards? (Maybe the second-ounce forever stamp could also be the same one for postcards.)

The whole point of the forever stamp was to avoid having to print small-stamp denominations to accommodate rate changes, but the problem persists when you get to a second ounce or try to save money by using postcards; the forever stamp doesn't cut it above one ounce.

Phones to Replace Farecards Aboard U.S. Transit Systems [feedly]

Salem needs to implement this in an expanded way, to create a single system that let's the user use a cell phone to pay for or receive credits from others for parking, transit, tolls, and ride shares and even gasoline. 

Anything having to do with mobility should be accessible/payable with this system, which users can add to via their phone cards, but which can accept credits from employers (for using transit, say, preserving parking for others) and public trip reduction programs.  Payment systems accessible via texting are already here.  

What is needed is to stop thinking in silos, with mobility services and services that critically depend on mobility all Balkanized among agencies that don't communicate or even acknowledge each other (schools with massive bus systems and acres of free parking encouraging driving, parking services, bus system, public health workers, etc). 

A Suburb that Makes Walking to School a Priority [feedly]

A Suburb that Makes Walking to School a Priority