Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Schrader against raising the minimum wage

Insanity. This guy needs a strong primary opponent badly.

This week, the Huffington Post reported [1] that a handful of Congressional Democrats are joining with Republicans to oppose an increase in the federal minimum wage. Oregon's own Rep. Kurt Schrader is one of those Democrats.

Congressional supporters of a higher minimum wage just announced their intention to make a rare procedural maneuver by filing a "petition to discharge" aimed at bypassing John Boehner's roadblock on raising the minimum wage. [2] If a majority of the House of Representatives sign this petition the Fair Minimum Wage Act will be given a vote, no matter what the Tea Party opposition wants. Howeverbut this petition will not be successful Rep. Schrader's support.

Tell Rep. Schrader to stop siding with the Tea Party and John Boehner. Tell him to support the Fair Minimum Wage Act.

Some of Oregon's largest concentrations of people living in poverty are in Rep. Schrader's very own district, [3] so why is he giving political cover to Tea Party Republicans and Speaker John Boehner by opposing something that would help his very own constituents?

Momentum is building all over the county to raise the minimum wage, and we need  Democrats like Schrader to listen to the 71% of Americans (including 52% of Republicans!) who support a raise to the minimum wage. [4]

Tell Rep. Schrader to support an increase to the federal minimum wage.

Thanks for all you do,

Steve Hughes
State Director, Oregon Working Families