Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Oregonian Editorial Board -- no problem changing the rules when it means hitting workers

The editorial board of the soon-to-extinct Oregonian recites the agreed dodge about why BP and RJ Reynolds should be allowed to keep hundreds of millions in unclaimed class action damages: because it's "changing the rules in midstream."

These are the folks who had no problem cutting pensions for already retired state workers.  Apparently, it's fine to rewrite pension rules decades after the workers chose to trade their labor for pension rights, but when it comes to corporations who rip off Oregonians, how dare the legislature interfere with the system that lets a wrongdoer keep a bunch of money simply because they ripped off a whole lot of people for a little bit each.

Disgusting. This is why few will shed any tears when the Oregonian finishes its disappearing act.

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