Thursday, May 8, 2014

What is Salem doing to prepare for disrupted climate conditions?

Government is a nonprofit, so this article about how all nonprofits need to engage on climate raises the question:  what is the City of Salem doing to prepare for climate disruption and it's effects?  

We can expect higher food prices, higher utility bills, higher public health costs, both more heat stress emergencies and increased winter storm damages, more flooding AND more droughts, more domestic violence (correlates to heat), to name just the obvious immediately local issues, without even considering things like lack of snowpack to feed the Santiam where we get our great water.

What if Salem spent a few hundred thousand a year to begin taking steps to improve our prospects in this new world we're making, where the past is no longer a reliable guide to the future (the basis of the ability of any company to offer insurance)?  Where might we find that money to strengthen our resiliency?

The Cohen Report

The Climate Change Conundrum

The National Climate Assessment report released by the White House earlier this week merits action by more than environmental groups. Climate change is so big and so hard to wrap one's mind around that it deters groups from acting, but we have some ideas about what all nonprofits can do.