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Very cool! Wed., May 14: Citizen Science: Let's Do It!

Date Correction: Lecture on Wed., May 14th: Citizen Science: Let's Do It!

May Lecture: Citizen Science:  Let's Do It!
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Straub Environmental Lecture Series presents:
Andrew Moldenke of Oregon State
"Citizen Science:  Let's Do It!"

**Date Correction**
Wednesday, May 14, 2014
at Louck's Auditorium in the Salem Public Library
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Few people recognize the potential of Citizen Science or the incredible effect it has had on the development of science. However, a growing number of scientists are starting to view it as a useful labor force and a way to generate 'groupies' interested in their particular questions. And, for an ever-increasing number of volunteers, it is a way to glimpse the world through a scientist's eyes, travel to some far off place and slave in the mud.

The potential also does exist for scientific volunteerism back at home. US society now is characterized by a well-educated, largely retired, middle class that is looking for ways to become societally relevant and 'green'. Most volunteer ecological projects (i.e., weed pulling) do not address any sort of scientific question and often all the hard effort is wrong-headed. My colleagues and I have proposed scientifically-based volunteer projects designed both to quantify and answer relevant management questions and to teach volunteers about science while doing hands-on research in their own neighborhoods.

Citizen science is a great and proven idea and we need to get back to it as a society. Now would be the perfect moment! Why wait any longer??

One of our most popular programs, the Straub Environmental Lecture Series provides an opportunity to hear and connect with some of the nation's most respected experts in the field of science and ecology. The Lecture Series brings leading thinkers to Salem to share their knowledge about current environmental issues. Recommended donation: $5/person

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You gotta roll with it [feedly]

Salem has, so far as I know, only one true bread bakery of the sort described here, the wonderful Cascade Baking Company on State Street nearly to Riverfront Park.  

So steeped in traditional practices and craft are they that they only accept money for their products, not plastic!

(The other place that seems like a bread shop downtown appears to use the "half-baked" industrial method also described at the link.)

You gotta roll with it
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An inspiration for Salem: "It's official: Boulder creates energy utility"

We already have the water and sewer, next we should build on the Salem Electric coop to add public power for electricity service for all of Salem, so that Salem residents don't have to fight their utility's profit-seeking business model just to take advantage of solar.

Subject: "It's official: Boulder creates energy utility"

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This was the headline in the Daily Camera in Boulder last week: "It's official: Boudler creates energy utility."

That's because last Tuesday night, the city of Boulder officially created a local electric utility.

This is a big step--things are moving! But it is far from over, because City Council's procedural vote isn't an end-all, be-all, and Xcel certainly isn't going down without another fight (or series of fights).

Though we're still years away from the real thing, this step is worth celebrating. We're so grateful to have gotten this far already, because one year ago we had just begun to prepare for round two of our fight with Xcel--what would become our Campaign for Local Power. 

Now, the city has its own utility--just on paper, for now--but it is a big step. The ball is rolling!

This is local power--this is Boulder taking the reins and working to create a model for how communities around the country can take control of their energy future.

So thank you, to all of you who have helped make local power a reality so far! Here's to the next big step, and the next one, and the next one.

Read more about the City Council's vote here.


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