Saturday, July 12, 2014

Voting: A Personal, Religious and Social Responsibility

Voting: A Personal, Religious and Social Responsibility

Opportunity for Salem/CERT - point-to-point radio network

CERT = Community Emergency Response Team

Since Salem's powers that be seem determined to squander millions planning the Bridgasaurus that will never be built and promoting sprawl in ways that will make emergency response nearly impossible, we don't have much to invest in real preparedness.  So maybe we need to start developing our own citizens band network, for re-establishing communications after the Big One shatters things for months.

  • Yaesu VX-8DR HT Radio ($492)
  • AC charger, earphone mic, charged extra LI-ON battery. Another good practice is to carry an alkaline battery case and spare batteries and / or a cigarette lighter plug ($28). These aren't in my current kit but probably should be, because they extend use of the radio in an emergency. Without recharging, I can currently get about 8 continuous hours of use in receive mode, but considerably less if I need to a lot of transmitting.
  • Nifty Mini-Manual — laminated quick guide to the VX-8DR for reading on the BART / bus or looking up a function (this particular radio has lots of functions, and many involve multiple key-push combinations).
  • Diamond SRH519 ($23) flexible antenna which so far has held up to a lot of abuse in my bag and allows the radio to be comfortably carried, either clipped on the bag or on the belt / waistline. I've also used the Diamond SRHF40 flexible antenna with good results.

As if the Planning Commission wasn't kowtowing to the Sprawl Lobby enough

From the estimable, invaluable Salem Breakfast on Bikes blog:

Staff recommends a change to the composition of the Planning Commission and that Council
Adopt Resolution No. 2014-51 to initiate amendments to Salem Revised Code Chapter 6 increasing from one (1) to two (2), the limit on the number of members who may be principally involved in buying, selling, or developing real estate for profit, and a limit of one (1) to two (2) the number of members who may be engaged in the same business, trade or profession as allowed under ORS 227.030.

We are in thrall!

So it's not quite that bad - the Staff Report notes that other nearby cities also have up to two real estate / developer types on their planning commissions.  But clearly this is why Council paused on appointments to the Planning Commission earlier this year and held open one spot. It's not likely a conspiracy, but it sure gives off a whiff or two of cronyism.

Straub Benefit Showing at Salem Cinema July 15th

On Tuesday evening, July 15th, Salem Cinema is thrilled to invite director
Clemens Schenk as well as Amaroq Weiss from the Center for Biological Diversity to join us for Q&A following OR7 - The Journey! 

In 1973, with only 500 wolves left In the contiguous United States, the grey wolf was added to the endangered species act, setting the species on a slow path of recovery. Now, states are fighting to have that status removed, opening the door for hunters and ranchers to once again decimate the wolf population. This fascinating documentary is about the incredible journey of OR-7, a grey wolf which was collared in Oregon and eventually dispersed from his pack. A journey that tells the story not only of OR-7, but of the wolf as a species in America. It is a journey of survival. A journey of inspiration. This is a film with two objectives: one, to document OR7's incredible journey and two, to educate the 80% of the general public which is unaware of the plight of the wolves, by clarifying the myths and misconceptions that surround these magnificent animals.

TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW during regular box office hours
or online at!  
All seats $15 * a service fee applies for online sales
no coupons, passes or Cinebucks accepted for special events

S A L E M   C I N E M A
1127 Broadway NE
Tuesday, July 15th at 7:45PM
Screening of OR7 - The Journey

followed by Q&A with Clemens Schenk & Amaroq Weiss!