Thursday, August 28, 2014

Even the Washington Post gets it -- why not Salem City Council?

The Washington Post has long since stopped deserving to live off the acclaim earned during  Watergate. It is now a fount of clich├ęd, conventional wisdom, always happy to be calling for more bombing of the wogs in some distant land, pro-corporate in its bones, and greatly corrupted by its close ties to the Pentagon and the rarely intelligent Intelligence hydra of three-letter agencies.

And yet, even the Post gets that if we don't arrest our headlong rush into climate chaos, it's game over for civilized humanity -- and with that goes freedom and democracy.  Neither of which are going to have much of a chance once the bodies of people really start piling up from disasters caused by a destabilized climate.  We are already seeing entire families of other species at the base of the food web being wiped out or threatened with extinction.  And History shows that, when the hairless ape tribes feel existential threats, out goes the veneer of civilization and the rule of law, and in comes the rule of force.  

If you want a preview of what life under climate chaos will be like in the former USA, just think about the worst parts of Africa since colonialism-- a constant parade of murderous thugs fighting over spoils in a general environment of suffering and viciousness.

Yet our so-called city leaders -- the folks on the Salem City Council -- refuse to even acknowledge the problem or put Salem on the list with thousands of other cities . . . and EVERY OTHER CITY OF ANY SIZE IN OREGON . . . to commit themselves to taking action to reverse the terrifying trend that leads to a very different, much less hospitable planetary ecosystem. 

On Sunday, September 21, citizens from all over the world will demonstrate in New York City to demand that global leaders respond to the threat. 

And there will be a local action too, at the Eco-Ball at Riverfront Park, there will be a Rally for Climate Justice for the Future, a call for the Salem City Council to wake up to their moral duty to help preserve a livable climate for all future generations, starting with the children of today.  

Stay tuned for more details.

"Let's live on the planet as if we intend to stay."