Saturday, September 6, 2014

Action Alert: absurd rulemaking for renewable energy Co-Ops -- Hearing M 9/8/14

Renewable energy co-ops are a great idea, like credit unions, community food banks and fire departments, food co-ops, and a host of other alternatives to corporate control of all goods and services.

Passing a law to allow renewable energy co-ops but then not allowing them to advertise is like letting communities set up fire departments but only letting them use spritzer bottles to fight fires.  Submit your comments opposing this absurd rule!  See below for links and where to send.

OREP Action Alert
Renewable Energy Coop Hearing
Your presence is needed - Monday, Sept 8, 9am, Salem!
Our renewable energy cooperatives law (SB1520), which passed overwhelmingly this spring with the goal to facilitate shared ownership of community projects by ordinary citizens, will have a Rulemaking Hearing this coming Monday, 9am at 350 Winter St. NE, Salem, OR 97301, conference room 260. 

This is an opportunity for all to respond to the rules that have been proposed to govern RE coops.  The rules as proposed undermine the ability of the law to facilitate formation of RE coops by prohibiting advertising of projects. This is a big deal. If renewable energy cooperatives are not allowed to advertise their projects, how will they find investors to participate?  We need a show of support for a strong law.  If you are able, please come to the hearing and bring a friend. We hope to see you there.

The proposed rules are posted here… 
Written comments are due Friday, Sept 12 and should be sent to Richard Blackwell.  
Please copy Kathleen Newman at OREP:
Please contact Kathleen for more information about the parts of the proposed rules that OREP finds to be problematic and counter to flourishing, shared-ownership, community renewable energy.