Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WORD: NO on 90! Stop Koch Brothers from Buying Our Elections

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Stop Koch Brothers from Buying Our Elections:

Vote No on Measure 90!


It's not news that the Koch Brothers are funding tens of thousands of negative political ads all around the country for candidates. Now the Koch Brothers have entered the fray on ballot measures in Oregon through their support of Measure 90. Measure 90's latest campaign financial report is out and it shows over $1 million in special interest and corporate contributions. Even more alarming is the Koch Brothers are now a major supporter of Measure 90.

On September 3, the political committee of Associated Oregon Industries reported receiving a $10,000 contribution from Koch Industries. On September 2, the AOI PAC reported giving a $50,000 contribution to Vote Yes on Measure 90. In the last two years, Koch Industries has given AOI PAC $50,000, making them AOI PAC's largest financial contributor.

Nearly all Measure 90's supporters are wealthy CEOs, business associations and major corporations. They have reported raising over $370,000 just since July 25th. In addition to $50,000 from AOI, the most recent contributions to Measure 90 have been $60,000 from the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Administrators, $25,000 from The Standard, an insurance company, and $25,000 from the Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association.

These Koch Brothers contributions act as a preview of how big money will control our elections under the Top Two system. When candidates have to raise millions of dollars just to make it to the General Election ballot it will greatly limit who will be able to run. A candidate won't be able to compete if they aren't well connected to special interests with deep pockets.

Don't let the Koch Brothers control our elections here in Oregon.

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And, remember, please vote NO on Measure 90. 


Sara Logue

Spokesperson for Protect Our Vote Coalition & School Teacher 

New Urban Ag Study Touts Potential of Small Cities

"Let's live on the planet as if we intend to stay."

New Urban Ag Study Touts Potential of Small Cities

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To see beyond the hype to urban agriculture's true potential to meet the growing need for healthy food in cities, a recent study published by IOPScience looked at how much food (specifically vegetables) the world's "urban clusters" could actually produce.