Saturday, September 20, 2014

You're needed tomorrow in Salem

"Let's live on the planet as if we intend to stay."

Subject: You're needed tomorrow, no matter where you are.


To change everything, we need everyone.

And this weekend, the action is indeed happening everywhere:

Rallies in Lisbon and Delhi, marches in Istanbul, Manila, Cape Town, Majuro and Papua New Guinea, concerts in Johannesburg -- this is true people powered movement: enormous, diverse and beautiful. People from all backgrounds are acting locally, mobilising their communities, shaping the future of our planet. And this is before big actions get underway tomorrow.

Here in North America, the action isn't just in New York City. People everywhere are standing up for climate justice, with dozens of People's Climate Mobilization actions from coast to coast. I'm awfully happy I moved to New York City so I can march here, but my hometown in California is also hosting a march. The action is everywhere!

Together, we're going to form the biggest push for climate action in the planet's history. To find a People's Climate Mobilization action near you, click here.

Also, you can tune in and spread the word about the big New York march online. The website will make it easy to watch the whole march via livestream, and share all the breaking news and beautiful photos with your social networks.

Starting at 10:30 AM Eastern Time on Sunday, go to, and click "play" on the video player that will be front and center to watch the march live from the streets of New York.

To follow along on social networks, just search for posts with the hashtag #PeoplesClimate -- that's what everyone will be posting with during the march and from actions across the world.

You can see #PeoplesClimate posts streaming in from across the world at the March page tomorrow too -- just scroll down below the video stream to see all the posts from People's Climate actions, and share your favorites.

This is a moment that needs everyone. No matter where you'll be this weekend, you can help make this a turning point for our movement, and our climate.

Thank you for everything. Let's do this.

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The former SJ printing plant would be ideal

Community cycling center could be in Salem's future
The former printing plant for the Statesman-Journal, an industrial facility with abundant room to securely store and segregate bike parts for recycling, a building that now sits empty and idle, is right next to the transit mall and the YMCA.  This would be a PERFECT location for such a valuable program.

Perhaps a fabulously wealthy corporation like Gannett could spare it and allow it to be put to good use.

Community cycling center could be in Salem's future

Two programs with a proven track record of training divested residents bike repair skills and providing two-wheel transportation to people in need are joining forces to open a community cycling center.

The folks behind NW HUB and 2nd Chance Bicycle Recycling program hope to open a center as soon as they raise the money or find a donor for a bigger space. 2nd Chance started two years ago at Hillcrest Youth Correctional Facility to give youth a chance to learn skills and give back.

NW HUB opened last year and offers residents the chance to earn a bike by putting in the hours at the shop to "pay" for it. The makeshift bike shop springs up at Evergreen Church three times a week with volunteers and bike parts spilling out into the courtyard on Cottage Street NE.

.. . .

The biggest barrier to opening the center is getting a space big enough to run the shop. NW HUB, housed in the basement of Evergreen Church, is bursting at the seams and 2nd Chance Recycling is confined to Hillcrest. NW HUB is hosting a benefit ride Sept. 27 in hopes of raising money for a space, but Seyfert would also snap up any offers from local organizations with extra space.

"Let's live on the planet as if we intend to stay."