Sunday, October 5, 2014

PBS Uses Advertising to Retaliate Against Critical Coverage

PBS  has long meant little but "Petroleum Broadcasting System" like its radio counterpart, "Nominally Public Broadcasting."

The piece has a great quote from PBS mainstay Bill Moyers:

Night after night…the realities of life for the vast majority of Americans rarely show up on public television—neither in its public-affairs programming nor its primetime fare. There has been onedocumentary all year on the flailing middle class and the forgotten poor. Our Washington coverage, by design or not, serves up "news" the way the butler serves tea on Downton Abbeyso as not to disturb the master class. Even my friends at WETA, our flagship station in Washington, passed up the award-winning documentary Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth to air instead another episode ofAntiques Roadshow and a program about the British royal family. And PBS has commissioned a series for next year, using US taxpayer funds, on the "great homes" of Great Britain. Not on homelessness in America. Unbelievable!