Thursday, October 9, 2014

NO on 90!: Don't Let Big Business Limit your Voice

"Let's live on the planet as if we intend to stay."

Dear friends,
The big corporate interests backing Measure 90 are saying all sorts of things about how Measure 90 will give Oregonians more choices, expand voter participation, and improve our democracy.
But… here's the thing.  

Measure 90 does the exact opposite.
We don't need to guess at what Measure 90 "Top Two" election changes will do. We can look to our California neighbors and learn the real truth about how "Top Two" election changes limit our choice, our vote, and our voice.

1.      "Top Two" election forces a choice that's not really a choice. In "Top Two" states California and Washington, 25% of November races are now between candidates from just one major political party. Forcing a Democrat to choose between two Republican candidates is no choice at all.

2.       Voters participate less under "Top Two" systems. Under the "Top Two" system in California, researchers found that voters participate at a lower rate – because they didn't have a candidate to vote for that aligned with their values. A recent report showed that nearly 1 in 10 voters skip elections between members of the same party.
3.      Primary Voters choose for the majority of us. Primary voters – who tend to be older, whiter, more partisan, and wealthier – have control over who appears on our November ballot, limiting the choices for the rest of us.

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Protect Our Choice: Say NO to 90

The goal of Measure 90 is to limit Oregonians' choice, vote, and voice. It's no wonder that the broadest and most diverse coalition has come together to fight it – including teachers, nurses, firefighters, police officers, representatives from major and minor parties, faith leaders, and small businesses.

Join us in voting NO on 90: