Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dec. 11, 7 pm, Salem Progressive Film Series- another must see

Please join us tomorrow 

Thursday, December 11th at 7 PM

for the screening of the documentary

"Just Eat It". 


In America, we throw away 165 billion dollars worth of food per year. That's more than the budgets for America's national parks, public libraries, federal prisons, veteran's health care, the FBI, and the FDA combined. 


Just Eat It  looks at our systemic obsession with expiry dates, perfect produce and portion sizes, and reveals the core of this seemingly insignificant issue that is having devastating consequences around the globe. Just Eat It brings farmers, retailers, inspiring organizations, and consumers to the table in a cinematic story that is equal parts education and delicious entertainment.  


Check out this amazing article in the San Diego Free Press, titled "The Food Waste Fiasco", by Rob Greenfield. 


See below for more information about the film and guest speakers.

 Upcoming Film

 December 11, 2014 * 7 PM


"Just Eat It"


We all love food. As a society, we devour countless cooking shows, culinary magazines and foodie blogs. So how could we possibly be throwing nearly 50% of it in the trash? Filmmakers and food lovers Jen and Grant dive into the issue of waste from farm, through retail, all the way to the back of their own fridge. After catching a glimpse of the billions of dollars of good food that is tossed each year in North America, they pledge to quit grocery shopping cold turkey and survive only on foods that would otherwise be thrown away. In a nation where one in 10 people is food insecure, the images they capture of squandered groceries are both shocking and strangely compelling. But as Grant's addictive personality turns full tilt towards food rescue, the 'thrill of the find' has unexpected consequences.



Films website and trailer: 



Guest Speakers: 


Jen Rustemeyer, Films Producer, (via Skype)


Alan Pennington,  Waste Reduction Coordinator,

Marion Co. Environmental Services

Michelle Suess Sustainability Director, 

LifeSource Natural Foods

"Let's live on the planet as if we intend to stay."

Nice - dealing with too much stuff

Salem Creative Network -- Pop Up Shop

Five days of Holiday Cheer are coming your way at Pop Up in Salem Center, December 10-14 next to Ross Dress for Less on Center St NE. Our favorite Mid-Valley Makers will be serving up local art, music, food and drink from 12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily. Plenty of holiday gift ideas and libations will be on tap to make your shopping easier and more fun. Santiam Brewing, Salem Ale Works, Vivacity Spirits, 2 Towns Cider House, Lewman Vineyards and surprise guests are pouring. A Salem Creative Network creation.

Matching Grant Opportunity for Salem Harvest

"Let's live on the planet as if we intend to stay."

From: Salem Harvest <>
Date: December 9, 2014 at 12:59:41 PST
Subject: Matching Grant Opportunity for Salem Harvest


We have Great News! Thanks to the generosity of our volunteers and crop donors, we harvested FOUR TIMES as much food this year as we did last year — an amazing 293,754 pounds! And we are still just scratching the surface. However, to harvest this much we had to stretch our resources far beyond anything we had expected.

Then this week, as we began figuring out how we could possibly harvest more produce in 2015, we got a timely telephone call. A private foundation was so excited by what we had accomplished that they called to make an unsolicited proposal: They are challenging Salem Harvest and its supporters to match up to $10,000 in donations by December 31, 2014. That is, for every dollar we raise to harvest more unused food next year, they will contribute one additional dollar.

If you make a tax-deductible contribution, it will help us reduce hunger in our community at an even higher level. And remember, a $25 contribution becomes $50 and $100 becomes $200, so dig deep and let's harvest all $10,000 that they are willing to match! But the deadline is just a few weeks away so please donate now.

Click here to use a credit card via PayPal or to use a PayPal account -OR- send a check, postmarked by December 31st, to:

Salem Harvest
P.O. Box 483
Salem, OR 97308

Thank you in advance,
Salem Harvest Board of Directors

P.S. Let's use social media to maximize this opportunity! Please share the message from Salem Harvest's Facebook page on your timeline. Or, post a note of your own on your page telling friends how successful your season with Salem Harvest was and how they can donate to support a cause you're so passionate about.