Saturday, January 24, 2015

Intuit: profiting off waste and distress

Intuit is a terrible, terrible company -- lobbying to make sure that tax time is as much of a burden as possible, the better to sell millions of software packages. Morally, Intuit is no better than the alarm system company owner who opposes better police services because he doesn't make a profit off preventing crime -- he wants lots of crime so that he sells lots of alarm systems.

This is the perfect example of what the US Supreme Court's worship of corporate people (and loathing for the 99% of sex-having flesh people who don't own a corporate person) has brought us to: we have a company -- one that has been magically granted Free Speech by supposedly conservative, textualist justices -- that would gladly give you cancer if they made money off it.

Changes To TurboTax Lead To Consumer Revolt, Opportunity For Competitors
// The Consumerist

It's important to step back and look at the big picture, too. Intuit has spent millions of dollars lobbying the federal government to make sure that American taxpayers still have to file tax returns, even though for most people the IRS could simply pre-populate the form with the information they have and cut us a refund check or send us a bill. The state of California already does this for state income tax returns, and other countries do it. People would be welcome to do their own math and file a return, but they wouldn't have to.

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