Saturday, January 24, 2015

Two out of three ain't good, Kurt!

Democrat-When-Convenient Kurt Schrader shows how broken our political system is ...

Thanks to the single-member district and the intellectually bankrupt Oregon GOP still struggling to repeal the 20th Century, Kurt gets to vote the way Big Oil and Wall Street demand and pretend that it's bipartisanship.

If we had an actual representative democracy that let people elect from a range of options, instead of just voting for one candidate in the zero-sum "winner take all" we get as a result of our "first past the post" plurality election rules, Kurt wouldn't be confident that he could vote against Oregon and get away with it.

Even without fixing the single member district problem we can do much better just by using ranked choice voting (instant runoff), so that Democrats and progressives in the 5th District would be able to vote for someone not captured by the special interests without having their votes go towards helping to elect a disaster like Tootie Smith.

See to learn more about how we could put real choices into our elections.

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