Saturday, April 25, 2015

Push for Buses on Sabbath Sets Off Debate in Israel

Salem's lack of transit on weekends, including Sundays, sabbath for some, isn't religiously inspired, except when you consider that our lack of seven-day transit is caused by our fanatical carhead religion, where we organize an entire country around the imperatives imposed by the worship of private automobility.  

The sly suggestion in the Israeli situation -- that the transportation minister should not be allowed use of his auto if there are no buses running -- is actually a pretty great idea for Salem and other cities in America. 

In other words, if the roads are closed to those who don't own an auto, they should be closed for all private motorized travel.  We need to stop treating transit as an optional amenity and start insisting that private autos can only be run when people without autos have the ability to use the roads as well.

Push for Buses on Sabbath Sets Off Debate in Israel -
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