Sunday, April 19, 2015

Delusion is not Exceptionalism or Optimism

Important movie at Salem Cinema now, "Merchants of Doubt," all about how other industries, most importantly the fossil fuels industries, took the tobacco playbook and have run with it ... Obviously with great success, managing to convince huge majorities of Americans that they themselves won't suffer from climate disruption.  

I guess if you're as old as the Koch Brothers and as rich, that might be a defensible position, if you are also as sociopathic as the Koch Brothers and aren't harmed by knowing that we are condemning the present poor in all countries and all future generations to a catastrophically diminished and much more dangerous world.

I remember taking business school classes for my masters program in the 90s and that's when I realized the horror that the rich really do think their money will protect them and that they can busily build a protective wall of money while the rest of the world and America go to hell and that they won't be suffering the consequences – just like the Bourbon rulers in Versailles, and likely to lead to the same sorts of outcomes.

There wasn't even one county in which a majority of respondents believe global warming will harm them personally. In sharp contrast, majorities in 3,122 of 3,143 counties (more than 99 percent) do agree that future generations are at risk, with those responding in the affirmative hailing from places like Sheridan County, Wyoming—in the heart of coal country.

"Let's live on the planet as if we intend to stay."