Friday, May 1, 2015

Amtrak Train Days -- in Salem May 16

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From: "Amtrak" <>
Date: May 1, 2015 at 14:01:46 PDT
Subject: Amtrak Train Days arrive in Salem May 16

Learn more about Amtrak Train Days events in Salem's Riverfront Park.
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Amtrak Train Days. Salem: May 16, 2015.
All aboard for Amtrak Train Days Saturday May 16 in Riverfront Park
Celebrate your love of trains at Amtrak Train Days—the traveling, community-centric celebration of the history, importance and value of passenger train travel in America.

At Riverfront Park you'll be able to climb aboard the Amtrak Exhibit Train and explore the history of Amtrak® and the future of rail travel with an array of interactive exhibits and rare Amtrak memorabilia. Plus, Amtrak will also be showcasing the Reason to Ride train—a dynamic experience that takes viewers on an interactive journey through the benefits of train travel. And the Chuggington Kids Depot will have plenty of toy trains and coloring tables for the kids.

Book your ticket to Salem today and see for yourself why Amtrak is America's Railroad.
Kids can ride for 50% off.