Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tell Congressman Kurt Schrader that fiscal responsibility starts at home!

Kurt Schrader likes to tout his "Blue Dog" persona, fiscal conservatism with social moderation. That means Kurt should be dead set against the gigantic waste represented by the Bridgeasaurus Boondogglus, the so-called "Third Bridge (to Bankruptcy)" that the Salem Chamber of Commerce lobby wants you to pay for, with

A local gas tax hike,
AND a vehicle license fee hike,
AND a property tax hike,
AND tolls

That's right, this monster is so absurdly wasteful that it would take ALL FOUR just to pay on the bonds for it. So instead of funding fixes first, the Chamber hopes to get you and your family on the hook to pay for an unneeded and way overpriced monstrosity of highway engineering left over from the 1950s.

Tell Rep. Schrader you're not buying it, and that he shouldn't either.