Sunday, September 4, 2016

Elizabeth Smart Is Speaking Out Against the Cult of Purity/Virginity

ADMITTED: Corporations want to force you into arbitration because it's unfair to you

Every American needs to understand what this admission is -- That the whole reason corporations hide forced arbitration clauses in contracts is 100% because they don't want a fair process for resolving disputes. 

They want to stack the deck against you as a consumer or employee, and they stack the deck automatically because they are the frequent flyers in arbitration, meaning that they will be in arbitration again and again and again, so arbitrators who want to keep getting hired know which way they better rule. 

Labate advises clients to get their employees to sign arbitration agreements, waiving their right to sue in court, and sending disputes to privately hired arbitrators.

The controversial tactic means disputes are settled behind closed doors with no public disclosure, no right of appeal and none of the strict procedural rules that courts follow.

"People question whether arbitration tends to favor employers," Labate told a conference session. "I believe they do. I use the same arbitrators over and over, and they get paid when I pick them. They know where their bread and butter comes from."